Deans Message

Dear students, 
 I welcome you with the epode of Koca Ragıp Paşa:
 “Asaf’ın miktarını bilmez Süleyman olmayan,
Bilmez insan kadrini alemde insan olmayan”.
 To value human! The core is just inside. How much d we value ourselves and our value? Do we really value ur parents, teachers, relatives and ur country? In this respect, when we take a look around in the modern world, the portrait is fairly pessimistic; wars, chaos, conflicts, exploitations, bribery, terror etc. All these are the destruction of spiritual world, moral values, human soul, in their words, it is the destruction of human himself, the unvalued humanity. Its behaved like an ordinary object. The underlying philosophy of this is the reign of power, the deification of power. As a result, it brings destruction. It considers all ways legal and reasonable. It damages society, human and feeds slavery. So people obey the power of the strong and live accordingly. This, indeed, is the ignoring the value of human himself. Moreover, such a situation is the unconsciousness identical to death. Dead man cannot live, it is the human who was outcasted to hopelessness, depression and lost future and hope without mercy and ability to love. This underlies in the core of many modern complications.   
Now, if you are not willing to witness such a pessimism, if you say “no” to war, chaos and pain of human and want to convert war to peace, conflict to unity, we need to reconstruct the humanity. We need to feel this responsibility in the very deep f our hearts.   
Dear young people! In the university life, such a responsibility awaits you all. You need to prepare yourself to value humanity and to elevate its quality.  In this respect, education constructs a new “Majino Line” and raise consciousness. You need t internalize such a responsibility. Your power will come from your belief, endeavor, confidence and a heart full of love. With the saying of Aliya, this will make you the “student of heavens” and “the teacher of Earth”. 

Prof. Dr. Aslan GÜLCÜ

Tekil Ziyaret : 353
Toplam Ziyaret : 739