About Us

          Bayburt Faculty of Education was founded linked to Atatürk University in 2002 and started academic progress with Primary Science Education and Primary School Education programs under the Department of Elementary Education.  As 22/5/2008 dated and ek: 97 article of 5765 numbered law required, Bayburt University was founded and out faculty reached its current status.  Our faculty is a year program and graduated first students in 2007 (for Atatürk University) and in 2012 from the departments of primary school education and primary science education. With additional departments and programs, the faculty primarily aims t develop. 

Job Opportunities for Graduates
Beside being a teacher in state schools, our graduates can work as teachers in private educational institutions. Furthermore, ur graduates may pursue academic career. Our faculty is successful in central teachership exams and presents success above average. 
Clubs, Social Life and Activities
There are several social and cultural communities in our faculty. 
Sportive Activities
Several students of ur faculty is attending national and international sport activities (football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, skiing etc.) and competing in sport competitions.


Tekil Ziyaret : 364
Toplam Ziyaret : 753