Seeing qualified education as its primary aim since the day it was founded, Bayburt Faculty of Education has currently 2 departments actively under Elementary Education Department; Primary School Education program and Primary Science Education program.  
In 2011-2012 Academic year, we proudly graduated students from Primary education and primary science educations programs. In 2009, Primary Math Education, Preschool education, Music education, Art education, English Language Teaching and Turkish education programs were started and aimed to be activated by taking students.  By 2012-2013 academic year, our student population was 1055 and still rising with increasing number of academic staff. In our faculty, Physics, Chemistry, Biology related curses are carried in research laboratories and pedagogy application related courses are conducted in state schools with the guidance of academic staff. 
 Additionally, in the scope of social service course, ur students are encouraged to participate in social services in collaboration with official institutions. In our faculty, we have a language laboratory, 2 computer labs and 20 classrooms with a capacity f 40-80 equipped with computers and projectors. By 2013 Spring, we have 2 professors, 11 assistant professors, 18 research assistants, 7 teaching assistants and 5 instructors with a total of 43 academic staff in our faculty.